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Solutions for Immigration

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Sorry I haven’t posted a blog in awhile. I was busy with finals and then I got sick for a week. Anyway, this post is going to be on illegal immigration. I understand that this is a very heated topic right now and I hope to accomplish three things:
1. How should one view persons who come here illegally? What are rights?
2. What are the political implications and aspects of illegal immigration and how should it be fixed?
3. What does all of this mean for the Church and theological implications of illegal immigration.

I. The Deontological View of the Immigrant and the Meaning of Rights.

It seems that illegal aliens are being treated or perceived as “lesser humans.” We have to remember that we should treat all persons as ends in themselves never as mere means. All persons are rational beings that are souls. They have intrinsic worth and value and should be treated as having these things.

As far as rights go, rights are innate and are given to humans by God. Many people seem to think the government creates rights or endows rights on persons. Rights are with us from birth and are objective and not arbitrary.

II. The Political aspect of Illegal Immigration

Borders must be absolutely secure before anything. This seems to be the opposite of every political view I have heard. No one seems to really want to secure the border. A country without a secure border is like a house with no walls — it just doesn’t make any sense.

Secondly, amnesty must be given to all illegal immigrants. They must become legalized and given a proper education. Another thing politicians seem to be avoiding is this obvious fact. We should want the immigrants to become citizens and legalized. We should want them to start paying taxes.

The last thing is obviously deportation. Those who do not comply with the legalization process unfortunately must be deported. This isn’t something people should really want but it has to happen in accordance with the law.

We can write out the plan like this

(Borders → Amnesty with legalization and education)


Legalization and education is extremely important because:
1. We should want all persons to understand the law and the history of America. One who does not understand the law has trouble abiding by it.
2. Education needs to be focused on common sense and foundational things.

III. Implications for Theology and the Church
The gospel must be given to those who have come into this country through illegal means. Love must be at the forefront of all methods of telling them about Christ. Love covers a multitude of sins and “puts them out” so to speak. Christ also commanded the Church to love one another just as He loved us.

The fulfillment of this love and salvation is found literally in Christ Jesus our Lord. The Church must use these opportunity to evangelize those that are not legal citizens of this country.

Without these three things the immigration problem cannot be solved, at least, not completely. Many politicians seem to focus on one or two aspects for a solution and forget about everything else.


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